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CPG - Industrial - Distribution

Globalization of sourcing, reductions in the number of suppliers and offshore production are the context  for consumer packaged goods (CPG) and durables. With flexible factories specialising by product family and the use of multiple distribution channels (to retailers via central purchasing, specialised and international distribution channels, retail and distribution through Internet marketplaces) require market participants to be more competitive on price while providing personalized service.

These factors are pushing companies to invest in efficient solutions to drive their supply chain and reduce inventory levels while improving flexibility. Key areas of focus include proactive risk management, effective life cycle managment of the products,  collaborative processes between internal and external partners and optimizing the use of resources.

ABB Chantal Thomass La Poste
Acome DeltaPlus Lalique
Aircelle (Groupe Safran) Dim Lampe Berger
Allègre Puériculture (Tigex) DMC Lancel
Atlantic Industries DS Smith Packaging Manuli Sonatra
Babolat Eau Ecarlate (Vigor, Vu, Eparcyl) Meubles Demeyere
BNP Paribas Fagor-Brandt Natixis
Bouygues Telecom Fattal Holding Plasto
Butagaz Georgia Pacific (Lotus, Vania...) Playtex
Caisse d'Epargne Hutchinson Royal Canin
Canson Impex Saint Gobain
Carrefour Innospec Socomec
Casino Jeulin V33
Cerland (Groupe Wolsley) Kenwood Vilmorin

Customer-oriented solutions which are scalable, responsive and effective

Improve service levels, increase turnover and margins

Guarantee supplies and optimise costs

Manage lead times, reduce inventory and avoid obsolescence

Improve productivity and reduce operating costs