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International FuturMaster Day 2015: a convivial day, full of sharing!

On 17th September, the annual International FuturMaster Day was held in Paris: we hope that our customers, prospects and partners were thrilled by this convivial day, full of sharing. For the occasion, 250 people from 95 different companies attended and had the chance to benefit from the outstanding surroundings of the newly-renovated Pavillon Royal. A […]
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LUXASIA Deploys FuturMaster Demand Management to Centralise Planning Organisation and Improve Visibility

LUXASIA Group, Asia’s cosmetics market leader have chosen FuturMaster to manage its forecasting activities. The deployment of FuturMaster’s ‘Demand Management’ solution will allow LUXASIA to boost its operational and financial performance by achieving improvements in forecast accuracy and productivity. A centralised collaboration platform for better efficiency Founded in 1986 in Singapore, LUXASIA have grown into […]
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Vranken Pommery takes on FuturMaster Sales Planning & Budgeting

Vranken Pommery, a worldwide leader in the production and commercialisation of champagne have chosen to work with FuturMaster in order to manage their sales planning and budgeting.  Thanks to FuturMaster’s new collaborative budgeting solution, the new process guarantees Vranken Pommery a better visibility of company performance, whilst considerably reducing the budget processing time. Collaboration in […]
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FuturMaster is sponsoring ‘Gartner’s 2015 Supply Chain Executive Conference’

FuturMaster is proud to be a sponsor of Gartner’s 2015 Supply Chain Executive Conference which is being held on 23rd-24th September, this year in London,UK. This year, the conference will explore the new meaning of supply chain excellence in the digital age – preparing leaders to push past traditional boundaries, drive innovation and uncover new […]
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FuturMaster Achieves Sales Revenue Growth for the Tenth Consecutive Year

Aptly marking our 20th anniversary, last year defined an incredibly successful stepping stone for FuturMaster crowned by the sustainability of our international activities, a successful recruitment campaign and the acquisition of fourteen new customers including Fauchon, InterSnack, Pomona, Armor, Samsung Electronics, LFB, Sanden, Stock Spirits and a worldwide leader in luxury and cosmetics in France.  […]
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The Different Dairy Company turn to FuturMaster Demand and Supply Planning to Drive Business Growth

The Different Dairy Company, having acquired a new business increasing their number of SKU’s dramatically, anticipated the need for a new planning system which could cater for their supply chains’ increasing complexity. The Different Dairy Company, a subsidiary of the Donegal Investment Group in Ireland, acquired Bio Green Dairy in 2014 in order to form […]
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Armor choose FuturMaster to drive the supply chain of their dedicated heat transfer products

Concerned with their industrial performance within the heat transfer division, Armor choose FuturMaster to optimise the management of their supply chain. A world leader in thermal transfer technology and the number one manufacturer of inkjet and laser technologies, Armor is an international industrial company with a turnover of €214 million and an objective for further […]
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FuturMaster’s 20th Anniversary Conference proves a huge success!

On 24th-25th September, the FuturMaster team were proud to welcome customers, prospects and partners to not only a magical evening at the Lido but an incredibly informative and legendary day at Roland Garros. Over 300 people joined together for both events in order to celebrate 20 years of FuturMaster performance.  The Lido provided endless enjoyment […]
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Eurosérum chooses FuturMaster’s solutions to optimise their production

Eurosérum, a world leader in the manufacture of demineralised whey for infant food is one of the subsidiaries of the Sodiaal Group, the leading French dairy cooperative which produces 4.6 billion litres of milk every year and has a turnover of 5.4 billion euros. Eurosérum currently manages multi-site production of seven factories in France, two […]
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FuturMaster’s 20th Anniversary – 24th-25th September 2014

This year, here at FuturMaster, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary and to mark this occasion we are offering you the opportunity to attend what will be one of the most memorable events of your life. The event will begin with an evening discovering one of the most famous cabarets in the world at none […]
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CANAL+ Overseas trusts FuturMaster for their Demand Management & Distribution Planning

Canal+ Overseas, a subsidiary of Canal+, has chosen FuturMaster Demand Management and Distribution planning in order to ensure the logistical governance of their hardware supplies. “Supply Chain processes revisited to support growth” Facing significant annual growth of it’s business, Canal+ Overseas decided to set up a management tool to optimise their forecasting and distribution of […]
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FuturMaster leads the way at the “2013 Global Consumer Supply Chain Officer Summit”

On 20th November 2013, FuturMaster had the pleasure of sponsoring the Global Consumer Supply Chain Officer Summit in Shanghai.  The summit theme was ‘Next Generation Supply Chains’ and was attended by supply chain leaders from a large range of industries, including apparel, food and beverage, retail and many more. In today’s world, the consumer goods […]

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FuturMaster highlights 5 key trends in the supply chain to look out for in 2019

FuturMaster, the supply chain solution provider that helps a number of major food, retail and manufacturing companies with demand forecasting and streamlining production and supply, has highlighted five defining trends that will earmark the supply chain scene in 2019 and beyond.


How to retain company’s supply planning talents?

By Pu Gong, Consultant Supply Planner is an ancient profession dating back to the origin of organised production. Acting as a bridge for interdepartmental communications, the Supply Planner is to this day an indispensable part of a company’s operations. Developing a Supply Planner who understands a company’s products, production and processes is costly and due […]


Women in Supply Chain

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. With many countries making it an official holiday, the meaning of the day has somewhat shifted from celebrating the social awareness of the struggles of women to praising all females for just being a woman.

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