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Tour de France: Planning for an exceptional event!

Summer 2014 plays host to some of the very best sporting events in history and although June marked the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil, next week, in Yorkshire, home of FuturMaster UK, we will see the start of none other than the Tour de France. Whilst these summer months spell BBQ’s, sunbathing, sweepstakes […]

Shipbuilding: The Least Interesting Supply Chain Problem… Or is it?

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) In terms of supply and demand, shipbuilding is not exciting, the time bucket isn’t days, weeks or months.  Often it is multiples of years.  So there’s not many decisions to be made about how we consume our one customer order.  It’s not difficult to descent into detail […]

Getting the perfect present isn’t a Christmas miracle… it’s a Supply Chain miracle!

Consumers may be stressing about the Christmas rush this year, but it’s nothing compared to the Supply Chain team putting in the long hours to make sure your Christmas runs smoothly.  Jumps in demand, stock running out and multiple promotions are some of the few challenges every Supply Chain Professional faces each year… Forget St […]

Optimising Inventory in the face of Climate Change…

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) With extreme climatic events becoming ever more frequent and rising temperatures looming, it is becoming increasingly clear that today’s global supply chains can no longer ignore the climate change threat.  Within the UK in 2012, Defra released a Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) stating that extreme climatic […]

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