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Tour de France: Planning for an exceptional event!

Summer 2014 plays host to some of the very best sporting events in history and although June marked the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil, next week, in Yorkshire, home of FuturMaster UK, we will see the start of none other than the Tour de France. Whilst these summer months spell BBQ’s, sunbathing, sweepstakes […]

Supply in a Devolved UK…

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie)   In my last article, ‘Demand in a Devolved UK….’, I discussed some of the potential impacts of Scotland’s devolution on UK demand.  As we all know, any changes to demand will have an impact on supply. Firstly we need to consider a potential doubling of SKUs […]

What Makes a Good Production Plan?

With recent research showing that over the past three years, one in six companies are “reshoring” and moving production back to the UK, boosting supply chain and production efficiency is becoming a huge focal point.  Indeed, it has been recently announced that the UK government is offering £100 million worth of support to companies to […]

How can you close the divide between Planning & Scheduling?

In the world of planning and scheduling we have to make assumptions, because, operationally, we can safely say unexpected things happen. Whether it be plant breakdowns, last minute changes to demand or the lack of a key piece of packaging, these can leave us with too much or too little stock.  Having these problems on […]

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