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Getting the perfect present isn’t a Christmas miracle… it’s a Supply Chain miracle!

Consumers may be stressing about the Christmas rush this year, but it’s nothing compared to the Supply Chain team putting in the long hours to make sure your Christmas runs smoothly.  Jumps in demand, stock running out and multiple promotions are some of the few challenges every Supply Chain Professional faces each year… Forget St […]

Ensure there are no ghastly ghouls in your Supply Chain Closet this Halloween…

Halloween is only two weeks away and that seasonal peak is no longer lurking under your bed, but looming right over you.  There are only two ways out, and with the clamour of high customer expectations, ducking your head under the duvet won’t quite cut it.  The option you should have gone for weeks ago […]

Scenario Planning as a Learning Process

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) How does a pilot learn to land an aeroplane? One scenario at a time, or by comparing multiple scenarios simultaneously? I’m at 35,000 feet at the moment, so the answer matters! In the world of Supply Chain Planning, the ability to create and store scenarios based on […]

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