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Black Friday: It’s not just the consumers getting the best deal…

The huge US phenomenon, Black Friday has hit the shelves!  Last year, although it caused consumer chaos, it became a huge hit for suppliers and retailers that had prepared for the event. Black Friday, usually occurring in the US, is the Friday after Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season with a […]

Shifting routes in a stable world…

By Howard Roddie, Managing Consultant (@HowardRoddie) Looking at a map of the world, you would think things were pretty fixed.  Cities, continents and countries pretty much stay where they are, apart from, ofcourse, a little continental drift which needn’t concern us – supply chains aren’t planned on a geological timescale. When we ship goods from […]

Tour de France: Planning for an exceptional event!

Summer 2014 plays host to some of the very best sporting events in history and although June marked the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil, next week, in Yorkshire, home of FuturMaster UK, we will see the start of none other than the Tour de France. Whilst these summer months spell BBQ’s, sunbathing, sweepstakes […]

Supply in a Devolved UK…

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie)   In my last article, ‘Demand in a Devolved UK….’, I discussed some of the potential impacts of Scotland’s devolution on UK demand.  As we all know, any changes to demand will have an impact on supply. Firstly we need to consider a potential doubling of SKUs […]

Demand in a Devolved UK…

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) I don’t suppose any of us have started to plan for a devolved UK just yet.  It’s too far away and it might never happen.  But it’s a challenge we should think about as it may give us a new perspective on how we organise our current […]

How Can Exception Based Management Really Drive Down Costs?

With rising demand volatility, changing climate and ethical crisis such as the 2013 horse meat scandal, the need to identify and manage exceptions in planning is becoming increasingly important.  Exception based management should be essential in any forecasting software to improve the demand plan and aid the decision making process, saving both time and money.

What is the Soup & Salad Phenomenon?

By Howard Roddie, FuturMaster Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) This is about the weather.  In the UK we all love to talk about the weather, so I know some of you, at least, will still be reading.  You probably already know that I’m going to talk about the influence of weather on demand planning.  So […]

What Makes a Good Production Plan?

With recent research showing that over the past three years, one in six companies are “reshoring” and moving production back to the UK, boosting supply chain and production efficiency is becoming a huge focal point.  Indeed, it has been recently announced that the UK government is offering £100 million worth of support to companies to […]

Demand Planning? Why not ask the Archaeologists?

By Howard Roddie, FuturMaster Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) Not too long ago I was wandering around some ruins in Rome and I was struck by how similar the job of an archaeologist is to forecast modelling.  Reading that back, it looks like a ludicrous statement (I know I should be switching off!), but let’s […]

The Big ‘What If?’… Does it Strike Fear?

By Matthew Hughes, UK Sales Manager At the tail end of 2013, along with many other supply chain professionals, I had the pleasure of being in the company of an executive board member from one of the largest retailers in the world, listening to tales from the past and insights into the future of supply […]

How far is innovation driving consumer demand?

It is becoming decidedly clear that this year innovation is to be one of the key drivers for changes in consumer demand.  Most notably, app-based technology and e-commerce is leading the way in making the retail experience more and more convenient.  Not only is it now possible to create virtual shopping lists, but you can […]

International Women’s Day: Women in Supply Chain

In the past, the supply chain industry has often been perceived as male dominated and it’s macho image with pallets, wagons and big boats doesn’t quite help. Indeed, in the light of SCM World’s recent review of 100 Fortune 500 firms, showing only 10% of supply chain leadership roles to be occupied by women, it […]

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