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FuturMaster Customer Success Programme is synonymous of our strong commitment towards longevity with our customers.

We are delighted to announce that Tracey Ellingham has been appointed Customer Success Manager for our UK clients. FuturMaster Customer Success Program is synonymous with our strong commitment towards longevity with our customers. The objective of this program is to ensure a positive experience for our customers in their relationship with FuturMaster, at all stages of the implementation and in their continued journey of success with the use of our solutions.

Before going any further, let us share that 88% * of clients who have participated in the “Customer Success” programme so far consider this programme to be “Very interesting” or “Interesting”, and more than 70% would recommend it “Very Likely” up to “Absolutely” to other customers. In addition, 93% indicate that meetings with the FuturMaster team, helped them to “Define areas for improvement and develop a Business Value roadmap”. These returns demonstrate our desire to take a new step in the approach of our partnership with our customers.

Our vision at FuturMaster is that the success of our client-partners is reflected daily in the interactions they have with our teams, and in the contribution that each of them makes, directly or indirectly, to operational performance of their business.

For us, a successful partnership with our customers means more than the success of a project itself. For us, a success is more linked to the achievement of objectives set during the pre-project phase and the implementation of selected functionalities to meet business needs.

Our vision is that success comes beyond technical choices, algorithms or decisions made at a given time to meet a specific need. The success of our client-partners is built over the long term, through the support of business teams, and the relevance of the solutions that we jointly define, and this according to the intrinsic changes of each business-client.

Solutions must evolve at the same time as customers’ needs evolve in order to ensure optimal use of the tools. Our goal is to provide appropriate responses to business issues and challenges. For us, the success of a project lies in the collaboration of our clients’ teams with the FuturMaster teams, in order to work together to achieve the expected results.

The NEW Customer Success programme

FuturMaster’s new “Customer Success” programme is synonymous with real commitment from the FuturMaster teams in monitoring and supporting our partners. Customer Success is an integral part of FuturMaster’s DNA, involving the Consulting, Commerce, Marketing, Product, R&D, Support, IT, Finance and Management teams. It is also a team of people dedicated, in their daily actions, to the implementation of key actions ensuring a dynamic and permanent relationship with our customers, from the kick-off of the project to the post-project phase, and in the daily use of FuturMaster.

Customer Success Managers ensure that the solutions implemented always meet the needs of business teams, that they bring the value expected by their Management teams.  This is achieved with:

  • Regular on-site meetings, sharing of experiences and good practices
  • Workshops to review processes and define the Business Value roadmap
  • Conversation around the news of FuturMaster (innovation, new versions, events …)
  • Involvement in the development and testing of our products, etc.

“Customer Success” is also, and above all, our client-partners who have trusted us for so many years, and with whom we evolve as projects and challenges are launched.

If you would like to have more details on the Customer Success programme, do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager  – Tracey Ellingham either by email or by phone at +44 7887 771669

* Survey carried out among customers who participated in the “Customer Success” program between June 2018 and June 2019. Results as of 8/08/19.

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