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Join the FuturMaster webinar on the 11th of October : Moving towards strategic and cost driven supply planning


The purpose of supply planning is to determine how to organise and run the supply chain to better satisfy future consumer demand. Generally speaking, companies  would focus on the operational side first: decide how many products to replenish, make or supply in the next days or weeks, in order to provide an effective and applicable plan and then address the main difficulties and challenges for planners. However, planning processes that focus on more strategic issues have greater economic stakes.

In the webinar “Moving towards Strategic and Cost-driven Planning”, we will present the specificities of these two types of planning, including the importance of integrating actual cost in order to facilitate strategic decision making. This cost-driven approach enables companies to drive decision-making not only on operational objectives (level of service, inventory, use of resources, etc.) but also on the associated financial impacts (cost-to-serve).
We will also illustrate how to ensure the vertical integration of decisions from the strategic to the operational levels.


Lucile Belgacem is Product Manager, specialised in Supply Planning solutions, with over 10 years’ experience at FuturMaster. She has worked as an expert on supply planning projects design, presales, and is now working within R&D department to define and drive the software roadmap.

As the head of FuturMaster’s Optimisation Center, Laurent Pajou has a very strong expertise on decision-aid and optimisation systems. His main role is to support our consulting team to design and deliver supply chain planning solutions, with a focus on modelling complex business processes and tuning the optimisation engine.

About FuturMaster:

FuturMaster is one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end supply chain planning solutions (demand, supply, S&OP) in the cloud. For almost 25 years, FuturMaster has been offering solutions with high added value and expertise recognised worldwide.

FuturMaster is a Gartner recognised provider of Supply Chain Planning Solutions with 25 years’ of multi-sector experience across over 500 industry leaders. In this webinar, FuturMaster will share insights into what it takes to become a Supply Chain Leader!

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This webinar is part of the Supply Chain Leaders Webinar seriesCheck out the full agenda.

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