23-25 September 2018

FuturMaster is a Platinum Partner for the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2018 in London from the 23rd to the 25th of September.

Heineken and Royal Canin, two prestigious customers, presented their supply chain transformation programme, based on FuturMaster solutions.


Business case Heineken: Heineken’s agile journey in supply chain planning

HEINEKEN launched its Agile transformation to adapt to the very challenging and rapidly changing business environment it faces. The S&OP CORE programme is a good example of this journey.
S&OP CORE focusses on implementing new Supply Chain Planning processes and tools, supported by FuturMaster. The programme has a scope of over 30 Operating Companies worldwide, all with different business models and challenges. This requires a fast and flexible approach, both to design and to deploy the new capabilities. It requires to be truly Agile!

Business case Royal Canin: Achieving Service Excellence and Growth through End-to-End Planning

Royal Canin, global leader in Health Nutrition for Cats and Dogs, a division of Mars Inc., is undergoing a supply chain transformation to achieve Service Excellence and support Business Growth. At the heart of this transformation is the deployment of a new Planning Core Model across the group’s End to End Supply Chain from Customer needs to material requirements. The new model supports transformations in Demand Planning, Demand Aggregation, Supply Network planning, Distribution planning and Material Planning. This project is a key enabler to build a Customer Centric Supply Chain.



Where: InterContinental London – The O2, Waterview Drive – London, United Kingdom – SE10 0TW

When: 23-25 of September 2018

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