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The world market leader in the fruit gum and liquorice sector Haribo will be sharing its business case during a 30-min live webinar:

Creating Value From The Supply Chain


Haribo is currently going through a major transition phase aiming at redesigning and standardising its Supply Chain: integrated demand planning, production planning, material and packaging planning, until customer delivery. It’s a great opportunity for Haribo to capitalise on unified processes and efficient tools to guarantee a reliable service with a cost driven approach.

In an increasingly competitive market, the supply chain must support and deliver business growth while guaranteeing excellent service level.

  • Creating sales forecasts with the Sales & Marketing team
  • Coordinating with supply to maintain stock levels
  • Managing logistics with our partners


Elsa Cros joined Haribo 6 years ago as Demand Manager. She is responsible for implementing demand management and sales forecasts processes and deploying FuturMaster at Haribo.

Elsa has over 14 years work experience in implementing S&OP and Demand Planning Processes at Haribo and Shell.

This webinar is in English.

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