September 28th 2018
Live Webinar

The worldwide leading brewing company, Heineken will be sharing its business case during a 30-minute live webinar:

Heineken’s agile journey in supply chain planning


HEINEKEN launched its Agile transformation to adapt to the very challenging and rapidly changing business environment it faces. The S&OP CORE programme is a good example of this journey. S&OP CORE focusses on implementing new Supply Chain Planning processes and tools, supported by FuturMaster. The programme has a scope of over 30 Operating Companies worldwide, all with different business models and challenges. This requires a fast and flexible approach, both to design and to deploy the new capabilities.

It requires to be truly Agile!

Javier joined HEINEKEN in 2013, and has led diverse projects and initiatives across the world, mainly related to Supply Chain Planning, Continuous Improvement (TPM) and People Development. Since 2016, Javier leads the S&OP CORE Programme, focussing on standardizing and elevating planning capabilities within HEINEKEN.

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This webinar is part of the Supply Chain Leaders Webinar seriesCheck out the full agenda.

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