September 15th
Live Webinar

Watch  Moy Park webinar recording:

Moy Park: Scaling Up Demand Planning Processes to Manage Growth and Volatility

Moy Park is one of the UK’s top 15 food companies and one of Europe’s leading poultry producers.

Over the preceding years, the company has seen aggressive growth, justifying partnering up with FuturMaster to scale up their demand planning processes, resulting in significant improvements to their forecast accuracy and forecast bias KPIs.

However, external events, including Covid-19, challenged the demand planning function along with organisational changes after US-based Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation acquired the company in 2017.

All these experiences helped them grow in maturity and led them to question their demand planning success criteria, along with their ambitions and visions for this function.

This experience justified the need to scale up their demand planning processes again with FuturMaster’s latest Machine Learning technology. That’s why they conducted a proof-of-value exercise that’s showing promising results.

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