23rd April 2020
Live Webinar

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The leading developer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands shared its business case during a 30-min live webinar:

Heineken Supply Chain Planning:

Global Implementation in a Fast & Agile way

Learn how Heineken has implemented the global standardised demand and supply planning solution by FuturMaster in 13 operating companies across Europe, Asia and Africa over 3 years. However, these achievements did not come without challenges.

The program delivers not only the common planning template which planners embrace, but also planning capability, change management and data harmonisation.

Applying agile principles both in deployment and development streams gives the program the necessary speed and agility to deliver business value to planners all over the world. Even after the deployment project finished, the Program takes care for the support and evolution of the solution and the planning functional competences in Heineken.


Elena Kaporina, S&OP Core Global Program Manager, Heineken

Carlo Bisagni, Agile Project Manager, Heineken

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