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Shipbuilding: The Least Interesting Supply Chain Problem… Or is it?

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) In terms of supply and demand, shipbuilding is not exciting, the time bucket isn’t days, weeks or months.  Often it is multiples of years.  So there’s not many decisions to be made about how we consume our one customer order.  It’s not difficult to descent into detail […]

What really makes a promotion successful?

The term ‘successful promotion’ is one of those that has been around for many years, but like the ‘selfie’, has only recently gained an increasing amount of attention.  For the ‘selfie’, the advance of technology and software has led to a generation of phones capable of taking and rapidly sharing photos.  For the ‘successful promotion’, […]

People and processes: The key to improving safety stock?

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) Talking  to a new customer this week, I was struck by how little some of the fundamental supply chain questions have changed over time.  The issues discussed were the same as when I started my supply chain career as a tea making executive in the ’60’s. The […]

Multi-Channel Supply Chains… How can we benefit?

Not so long ago, purchasing your annual Christmas shop in store was the norm and those who left it to the last minute could be seen frantically buying anything they could get their hands on, often on Christmas eve.  Since then, the development of online and mobile shopping as well as click and collect, has […]

Getting the perfect present isn’t a Christmas miracle… it’s a Supply Chain miracle!

Consumers may be stressing about the Christmas rush this year, but it’s nothing compared to the Supply Chain team putting in the long hours to make sure your Christmas runs smoothly.  Jumps in demand, stock running out and multiple promotions are some of the few challenges every Supply Chain Professional faces each year… Forget St […]

Supply Chain Professionals… How did we get here?

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) Did you ever, as a kid, walk into a shop and wonder « where does all this stuff come from…it can’t be all from the same place? »  Chances are, as a supply chain professional, you did think this at some point and it was your first unwitting step […]

FuturMaster 6.1… Revolutionising Supply Chain Software

By Howard Roddie, Senior Supply Chain Consultant (@HowardRoddie) FuturMaster has had an upgrade to version 6.1 (Android users may like to call it « Chocolate Orange »).  This actually happened some time ago but the implications of this change are much bigger than a simple increment of 0.1. Usually when we talk of supply chain software upgrades, […]

6 Steps to a Superb Supply Chain…

Despite what many supply chain experts claim, there is no one key to supply chain success.  A superb supply chain doesn’t rely on a miracle ingredient, but rather a cross functional mix of factors.  Here are our six steps to a superb supply chain: Step One: Quality Quality management often has a bad name due […]

Making Integrated Business Planning a Reality

By Richard House, Managing Director, FuturMaster UK For a select few companies, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a reality in which all business functions are involved in making business decisions based on a collaborative future view of business activity.  For the majority, IBP is currently a distant dream which stretches them well beyond the Sales […]

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