6 juin 2017

FuturMaster partenaire de l’évènement  Supply Chain and Logistics Conference for Industry Leaders 2017 qui se tiendra le 6 juin prochain à Londres.
Tout au long de la journée, les directeurs présents auront accès à divers case studies, groupes de discussion et activités de networking avec les fournisseurs de logiciel les plus reputés.
Nick Giuffrida, UK Sales Director chez FuturMaster sera présent à l’évènement. Vous pouvez  entrer en contact avec nous et planifier un rendez-vous le jour de l’évènement en suivant ce lien.

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Women in Supply Chain

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. With many countries making it an official holiday, the meaning of the day has somewhat shifted from celebrating the social awareness of the struggles of women to praising all females for just being a woman.


Key Events in Supply Chain 2016

What are the major supply chain developments this year? New technologies keep changing consumer’s demand and requirements at the time of purchase. Today, the amount of available real-time data is greater than ever. As a result, supply chain is directly impacted and must continually adapt to the ongoing changes. However, if anything, this year has […]


Why collaboration is not efficient?

By Stéphanie Duvault-Alexandre, Senior Presales Consultant Once upon a time some gurus began to point all of us in the right direction, i.e. collaboration.   Indeed, individualism and lone-wolf attitudes were, and have been since, considered as non-productive practices that only created an obstacle to the process of achieving company’s goals. For years people have tried to […]

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