Heineken Videos

Interview – Director Global Planning and S&OP

Topics covered:

  • Heineken presentation : the group, priorities, vision, supply chain performance
  • Heineken S&OP Core journey: programme, approach and challenges
  • S&OP Core programme: key success factors

Interview – Programme Manager S&OP Core

Topics covered :

  • S&OP Core programme with FuturMaster: objectives, processes covered, selecting FuturMaster APS, expected benefits, methodology for worldwide deployment, key success factors

Interview – Manager Center of Excellence – Global Supply Chain

Topics covered :

  • S&OP Core programme: IT involvement, challenges

Interview – National On-trade and Trade Marketing Director

Topics covered :

  • Heineken Hungary: competitive market, innovations, trends, challenges
  • FuturMaster in the programme: forecasts accuracy, profit, cross-functional cooperation

Interview – Supply Chain Director

Topics covered :

  • Heineken Hungary: presentation of the OpCo, challenges as SC Director, the programme in Hungary, running the pilot, measurable benefits

Interview – S&OP and Supply Chain Planning Manager

Topics covered :

  • Heineken Hungary: demand planners in the programme, noticeable benefits

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