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Welcome to the 11th promotion of FuturMaster University!

Bienvenue à la 11ème promotion de FuturMaster University

There was a back to school feeling in the air at FuturMaster on Monday 16th November as we welcomed our 11th intake of students to FuturMaster University.

The 14 participants, including new colleagues and external providers (Bearing Point, Prosodie) arrived at FuturMaster France full of energy and optimism ready for two months of intense training filled with discoveries, apprenticeship and the sharing of experiences!

During these two months, numerous speakers will train the students on the FuturMaster solution, not just business concepts but also on forecasting and planning policies. They will enjoy a rich and intense agenda that will provide them with the necessary skills needed to successfully complete the projects they will be involved with in the future.

This latest course reflects the current strategy of FuturMaster, to strengthen its globalisation and develop an ecosystem of strong value-added partners.

Indeed, three of the students, Emmanuel, Xavier and Adrien, come from collaborations initiated with Bearing Point and Prosodie. As for Cristiano, he came from Brazil and will join, at the end of the training, our new office in São Paulo.

We therefore wish a warm welcome to Adrien, Alexandre, Antonin, Cristiano, Cyriac, Dihya, Emmanuel, Jamila, Mynihakici, Laurent, Thomas, Xavier F., Xavier S. and Weilin and hope that they will thrive at FuturMaster!

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