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FuturMaster pursues its international expansion and opens a new subsidiary in Brazil!


“Our ambition is to develop our presence in the American market by 2020. The fact that one of our current customers in the cosmetics industry requested our support, for its expansion in America, only speeds up our decision. We have to take this opportunity”, comments Bo Zhou, President of FuturMaster.

Brazil: a very high-potential market

With a turnover of over 10 billion euros in 2013, Brazil is the 3rd largest market worldwide for the cosmetics industry. The country attracts in particular more and more multinational and cosmetics French brands.

FuturMaster already supports the main players in the beauty industry for the European and Asian markets; but now, FuturMaster intends to offer its customers and prospects full support in the development of their activities, and of their supply chain in American markets.

FuturMaster not only plans to develop its relationships within the cosmetics industrialists but also wants to build partnerships with food and consumer goods leaders in Latin America.

From São Paulo, the largest city in the country, FuturMaster teams will support their international customers to implement and deploy supply chain solutions adapted to meet their challenges, both locally and internationally. Thanks to the performance of FuturMaster collaborative offers, they will benefit from global visibility of their supply chain processes to reinforce the synergy between their subsidiaries and, as a result, better achieve their company’s growth ambitions.

“We are confident concerning the potential of the APS market in Brazil. To conquer it and quickly become competitive, we plan to rely on local recruitment of qualified profiles and partners – distributors and integrators”, points out Julien Connan, FuturMaster Brazil Managing Director. “With the creation of this entity, we prove, once again, to our customers our capacity to support them in their development worldwide”.

The Brazilian subsidiary of FuturMaster already has 3 people, with plans to expand rapidly. The immediate plan is to recruit 3 more people by the 1st half of 2016. With its technologic know-how coupled with business expertise in managing supply chain processes, FuturMaster targets over one million euros of turnover by the end of the first year of activities of its Brazilian subsidiary.

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