Replay Webinar
Join our webinar on the 19th of April, and find out more about an innovative Machine Learning project at UK award-winning retail and food supplier: Winterbotham Darby.
20-21 de março
A FuturMaster é um dos principais parceiros da Conferencia de Supply Chain 2018 que acontece nos dias 20 e 21 de março em Londres, Reino Unido.
19 – 21 de Junho, 2017
A FuturMaster é parceira da 19a edição do Supply Chain & Logistics Summit de 19 a 21 de junho em Barcelona.
7 e 8 de novembro de 2017
Paris - Porte de Versailles
A FuturMaster é a principal parceira do Evento de Supply Chain 2017 que acontecerá dos dias 7 e 8 de novembro em Paris, França.
20-21 de setembro, 2017
A FuturMaster é Parceira Platinum da Conferência Executiva de Supply Chain do Gartner 2017 que acontecerá em Londres de 20 a 21 de setembro.
21-22 de setembro de 2017
A Futurmaster está participando como Patrocinadora Ouro da na Conferência de Previsão e Planejamento em Supply Chain VCI 2017 em Xangai.
30 de Junho às 06h00 (horário de Brasília)
Webinar Ao Vivo
Descubra mais sobre o ambicioso programa de transformação da Heineken
Le 27 juin 2013
Roland Garros - Paris
Futurmaster a convié ses clients à une journée d'échanges à Roland Garros. 257 participants représentant 104 sociétés ont répondu à l'invitation.
Le 01 juin 2012
Pavillons de Bercy - Paris
237 décideurs métiers et informatiques clients de FuturMaster s'étaient donnés rendez-vous dans un lieu unique : les Pavillons de Bercy à Paris.
Le 29 Novembre 2012
Hôtel Saint James & Albany - Paris
29 Novembre 2012 : Petit-déjeuner conférence "Visibilité sur la Supplychain et Synchronisation Client - Fournisseur"




How to retain company’s supply planning talents?

By Pu Gong, Consultant Supply Planner is an ancient profession dating back to the origin of organised production. Acting as a bridge for interdepartmental communications, the Supply Planner is to this day an indispensable part of a company’s operations. Developing a Supply Planner who understands a company’s products, production and processes is costly and due […]


Women in Supply Chain

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. With many countries making it an official holiday, the meaning of the day has somewhat shifted from celebrating the social awareness of the struggles of women to praising all females for just being a woman.


Key Events in Supply Chain 2016

What are the major supply chain developments this year?
New technologies keep changing consumer’s demand and requirements at the time of purchase. Today, the amount of available real-time data is greater than ever. As a result, supply chain is directly impacted and must continually adapt to the ongoing changes.


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