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Winterbotham Darby shares Business Case on Machine Learning !

Find out more about an innovative Machine Learning project at UK award-winning retail and food supplier: Winterbotham Darby.

Winterbotham Darby (WBD) is a fast-growing food business that predominantly supplies own-label chilled food produced in Europe to the major supermarket chains in the UK.
Since 2011, WBD has optimised its supply chain with FuturMaster (Demand & Supply) solutionsIn 2017, WBD launched Optimised Promotion Management by integrating the artificial intelligence proposed by FuturMaster.

Through this webinar, you will have the opportunity to listen to Simon Dancy’s testimony, Group Planning Manager, he will describe the implementation of the project within the company, the challenges he has encountered and the added value that machine learning represents for its activity.

Agenda (45 minutes):

  • Challenges at Winterbotham Darby
  • Machine Learning implementation
  • Q&A
  • Simon Dancy, Group Planning Manager at Winterbotham Darby
  • Martin Sewell, Presales Consultant at FuturMaster

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