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FuturMaster and Ortems work together to offer optimized Supply Chain management

Specialising in demand and industrial planning management and in scheduling, both players want to enter new markets and strengthen their positions in vertical markets.

The French software publisher specialising in Supply Chain management, FuturMaster, has announced the signing of their industrial and commercial partnership agreement with Ortems – a publisher who specialises in collaborative industrial planning and production scheduling solutions. This collaboration is part of an approach to develop a common strategy for both companies. This collaboration will offer them new growth opportunities through crossed sales and new market shares by winning new clients.

A partnership based on solid business skills

On one hand, FuturMaster will bring to this partnership 20 years’ experience in demand management (Forecasts, Advanced Promotion Management, Advanced Launch Management and DRP) and on the other hand Ortems will use its well-known expertise of planning and production scheduling. This partnership will enable both companies to combine their skills to offer their current and future clients a global and efficient Supply Chain management solution. FuturMaster and Ortems’ collaborative offer will also enable them to combine ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ approaches in order to achieve an end-to-end and balanced Supply Chain strategy planning.

“This partnership with FuturMaster makes sense to us, it is natural and will create a strong added value for our common clients as well as for our future clients. The synergy between our companies, which both benefit from a solid reputation in the world of Supply Chain, are a strong guarantee for our current and future customers that they will benefit from an integrated and unrivalled solution when it comes to efficiency; one could say we offer what is best in our two worlds”, comments René Desvignes, CEO at Ortems.

This collaboration offers both partners new commercial development perspectives particularly thanks to crossed sales opportunities in the fields of health, beauty and FMCG, where both companies have acquired unique process optimisation skills. The collaboration will also permit each of them to take advantage from the sector expertise of their counterpart. For instance Ortems will benefit from FuturMaster’s strong reputation when it comes to mass retailing and luxury products. While, FuturMaster will have the opportunity to strengthen its position in discrete manufacturing in particular in automobile, aeronautics and defence industries.

In the current context of globalisation, the partnership between Ortems and FuturMaster enables their respective international clients to easily implement worldwide “Roll-out” based on both players presence in Europe, China, Singapore and in Brazil. The two partners will also base their future international growth on Ortems’ distributor network in Europe and in the United States and on FuturMaster’s strong visibility in Asia.

“This collaboration with Ortems is a part of our approach to increasing our penetration rate of the current market and winning new ones. This strategic partnership is also based on strong common values of customer satisfaction and professional excellence which illustrates our will to offer our current and future clients a unique value proposition”, concluded Michel Ramis, EVP Sales & Marketing at FuturMaster.

About Ortems

Ortems is a collaborative industrial planning and production scheduling expert counting more than 16,000 major accounts and SMIs users in 63 countries.

Ortems’ Agile Manufacturing product line offers a global planning pyramid integrated to ERP, MES and PLM solutions of the market.

Ortems commits to its “Smart Factory” approach to obtain a more digital, connected, collaborative and agile production. This commitment represents the keystone of new MOM architectures (Manufacturing Operations Management). Today, Ortems solutions are used by international companies such as AIA, Almirall, Alstom, Airbus, Auvergne Aero, DCNs, Courvoisier, Dedienne Aerospace, Depuy, Eckes Granini, Embraer, Europastry, General Mills, Groupe Ales, Grupo Damm, Givaudan, Heineken, Inibsa, Laboratoires Chemineau , Laboratoires Labiana, Merial, Merck Serono, Novartis, Quies, Sanofi, Solvay, Urgo, Valeo…

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