FuturMaster University

FuturMaster University is an intensive training course available to new members of staff upon joining FuturMaster. It offers a comprehensive on-boarding programme, however, it is thoroughly enlightening both from the professional and personal perspective.

This comprehensive training will enable you to understand all the concepts of Supply Chain Management. This course is intended to show the ropes to our newly hired consultants so that they can manage the projects that they will be responsible for at the end of this training.

By delivering an intensive training course on our premises coupled with excellent mentorship opportunities with our experienced consultants all over the world, we will help you build your personal development plan and achieve your career goals.

Overall, FuturMaster University offers access to the following information:


  • An on-boarding journey to discover FuturMaster
  • Specific knowledge about APS software
  • Extensive knowledge of Supply Chain

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