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3000 users in 90 countries have already been enrolled in this ambitious transformation representing 70% of the group’s turnover. It brings fantastic results!
François-Régis Le Tourneau - Corporate Supply Chain Standards and Prospective Director at l'Oréal
Major objectives are being achieved, firstly through definition of supply and production plans. Secondly, through the automatic replenishment of subsidiaries to satisfy their sales forecasts.
Overall, the response from the subsidiaries to the implementation of the tool has been very positive. It has led to the increase of the turnover by 8-10% per year, improving the quality of service while reducing stocks and breakages and phasing out obsolete products.
Vincent Pomponne - Supply Chain Project Director at PFDC
Today, everyone is thrilled about the solution offered by FuturMaster! A year in we have made huge advances in our planning process.
Olivier Jund - Europe Supply Chain Director at Sanofi Pasteur

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