Towards 2020 and beyond … a profound transformation

On the 11th of July and 19th September, we had the pleasure of inviting our customers in Paris and Birmingham for the FuturMaster Summer Connect and FuturMaster UK User Forum events. These meetings allowed us to unveil the profound transformation of FuturMaster.

In this newsletter, we will go through the major changes in progress and to come at FuturMaster. These changes will allow our customers to benefit from the opportunities of the digital era.


In recent years, two words have come
together to explain the industrial revolution 4.0: digital transformation.

Undeniably, many changes are perceptible:
from the smashing entry of smartphones into our lives, to changing our
expectations as consumers, to changing our behaviour as citizens.

What is digital transformation for
FuturMaster? What impact for the supply chain of our customers? What answers do
we provide?

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Cloud Services

Since 2017, FuturMaster offers its
solutions in Cloud mode on a Software As A Service (SAAS) model. Our solutions
will of course be for the coming years, still available for license
acquisition, but we are regularly solicited to allow our customers to take
advantage of the opportunities offered by new sources of data or natively Cloud

This leads us to strongly consider these
elements in our development roadmap. Beyond the benefits of a 100% cloud offer,
FuturMaster Cloud Services is also an added value lever for our customers.
Since its launch, this offer is a real success and in 2019, nearly 90% of our
new projects are implemented using this SAAS platform.


The profusion of data is an opportunity for
any type of industry. Our suite of solutions must enable our customers to
integrate, interpret, and ultimately exploit this new information by
integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

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The first module using AI is FuturMaster
Advanced Promotion Management, and is able to calculate the incremental volumes
/ revenues based on the characteristics of a promotional operation.

In July 2019, we released the version 8.3
of FuturMaster Demand Planning also using AI to allow these new data
opportunities to be used directly in the calculation of the forecast. Of course
the Supply Planning component of our offer will not be left out, and we are
continuing our studies on the subject to better integrate these new
capabilities in the planning of operations.

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user experience

Naturally, these new capabilities added to
an increasingly important volume of information led us to define a new user
experience. FuturMaster is, in essence, a decision support platform. It is
therefore a question of allowing any user to take the most relevant decisions
quickly for his organisation.

Starting in autumn 2019, we will be
releasing a new version of our promotions management solution, which will be
called TPX (Trade Promotion Management / Optimisation / Planning /
Recommendation). This new module takes over, in its first version, the key
capabilities of FuturMaster APM, with a new user experience, and an even more
collaborative focus.

Also this fall, FuturMaster is expanding
its reporting capabilities with a new web Dashboard which is the new entry and
navigation point in the FuturMaster environment.

In early 2020, the ergonomics of
FuturMaster Demand Planning will also be adapted to allow our users to
instantly understand the levers provided by the AI ​​algorithms added in
previous versions.

In 2019, FuturMaster transforms itself
deeply, while preserving its DNA: to deliver more value for our customers and
partners through the control of their Supply Chain. It is with great enthusiasm
that we are experiencing this period of excitement and strive every day to transmit
our energy through the interactions you have with each FuturMaster employee.
The future of the Supply Chain will be exciting and we are inviting you to join

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