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FuturMaster offers solutions that can address the specific challenges within your sector.

Solutions end-to-endWith FuturMaster’s portfolio of Advanced Planning Solutions, our customers have seen significant benefits:

  • Improved quality of service
  • Increased margins
  • Significant reduction in stock levels
  • Increased market share
  • Reduced timeframe for planning cycles

Whatever your sector, we are committed to supporting you in achieving results which support your overall performance objectives.

Our sectors

industry1 Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage

Companies in the food & beverage sector are facing complex problems including new consumption patterns and new regulations…

industry2 Health & Beauty


Health & Beauty

Companies in this sector operate in a highly competitive and complex international environment where innovation is key. These businesses dedicate colossal resources to the research and development of new products. Ensuring the success of launches and delivering the expected return on investment is crucial...

industry4 Industry



Companies in the industrial goods sector are facing many external and global challenges, pushing them to become increasingly competitive and innovative while satisfying customer demand by providing a personalised service...

industry5 FMCG



Today, companies in the FMCG sector face increasing competition, while adapting to new consumption patterns (click & collect)...

industry6 Retail



The rise of the "click and collect" model and the emergence of e-commerce have completely reshaped the world of retail. The customer experience is at the heart of the retailer's concerns, which makes it essential to base the optimisation of the sales forecast on customer typology and distribution channel…

PIcto-Services Services



In order to satisfy their customers, companies in the services sector should also guarantee availability of goods associated with their offer. In the context of increased competition where the consumer has many choices, it is crucial to be able to meet demand at the right time...

Picto-transport3 Transport



In the context of volatile energy prices and global climate change, responding to the growing demand for flexibility is a major challenge for businesses in the transport sector…

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