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Companies in the food & beverage sector face a complex and evolving challenge. On the one hand, business performance is threatened by the market environment: economic volatility, new demanding customers, omnichannel,…and on the other hand, operating costs tend to increase due to internal organisational challenges (silo thinking..). In this context, supply chain agility and supply chain planning performance are key critical drivers of success.


Issues are numerous and decisions must take into account the many complex challenges which you face on a daily basis, such as ensuring freshness of produce and managing readiness of your personnel.

Our Response

FuturMaster solutions enable you to manage the demand, distribution and production of your goods. We can help you optimise your daily requirements in all your existing constraints (delivery delays, best before, use-by dates, contract date, etc.) so that your plans are as reliable and informed as possible.

FuturMaster offers a wide range of supply chain solutions and will help you deliver maximum value to your business.

Success stories

Sophisticated forecasting technology makes the process a whole lot easier.
Stephanie Ricot - Head of forecasting at Fleury Michon
We used to spend a lot of time on manual data entry before, although not that regularly. There’s much better integration today and more collaboration
Elsa Cros - Demand planning specialist at Haribo
Now, we’ve improved our visibility to plan ahead for Christmas and can reduce the risks of over or under-stocking
Steven Smith - Supply Chain Manager at Eurilait

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