Trade Promotions Optimization (TPx)

Drive trade promotions that will achieve the sales and financial objectives of your company

Business Challenges

Defining effective and profitable promotions can be a challenge. Companies struggle to determine the most relevant promotions for different contexts, the additional volumes brought in by promotions, and the ROI while considering cannibalization effects. Often, companies rely on duplicating past promotions and adjusting them, which can lead to ineffective and non-value-creating promotions.

FuturMaster Trade Promotions X (TPx) solution is part of the IBP platform. TPx stands for Trade Promotions Planning, Management, Optimization, Execution and Analysis.

FuturMaster TPx transforms the management of promotional activities and make sure to drive trade promotions that will achieve the sales and financial objectives of the company.

Trade Promotions X Solution

Bloom TPx, powered by Machine Learning algorithms, significantly enhances companies' promotion uplift prediction abilities. By analyzing sales data from past promotions and related attributes such as product features, promotions mechanics, retailers, and timing, Bloom TPx identifies the most effective promotion strategies.

Additionally, Bloom TPx calculates and predicts the effects of cannibalization and determines delivery profiles for each promotion. Predicting promotion effects on sales volumes enables advanced performance and ROI estimation, streamlining decision-making processes.



When we talk about promotion, we inevitably talk about cannibalization as well. In other words, the challenge consists of predicting the impact on the baseline.TPx enables to calculate.


Dashboarding and scenario planning tools embedded in TPX enable intelligent decision-making, helping brands optimize trade spend and make sure the profitability will be good.


FuturMaster TPx collects and blends internal and external information, consolidating data in one single tool to ease the analysis and the decision-making.

Machine Learning & AI

TPx uses Machine learning to manage external data to provide companies with prescriptive insights. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered algorithms use unlimited causal factors. They can define factors that are likely to influence consumers’ demand.

Key Features

Calculate more accurate promotional plans by customer, mechanic, SKU, period, etc.

Simulate promotional quantities based on previous campaigns

Calculate uplift ratio, costs, and profitability in real time

Manage issue alerts detecting under/over performing promotions

Manage cannibalization and calculate post promotion effect

Analyze pre and post promotion using multi-dimensional analytics

Manage the promotional process with embedded workflows and automated sign-off

Classify promotions by offer (BOGOF, % discount, etc), mechanic and financials.

Driving Business Success With Bloom Trade Promotion X

Bloom Trade Promotion X delivers several business outcomes, including a trade promotional overview that provides insights into promotional performance versus baseline. It also allows for more effective management of trade promotion spend through close control on investment decisions and visibility of budgets/discounts, leading to a decrease in expenditure.

Bloom TPx also helps to decrease clearance/residuals through better visibility/reaction and improve promotional forecasting accuracy through better prediction. With promotional analysis to evaluate the performance of historic promotions, Bloom TPx helps companies estimate the performance and ROI of promotions, thus facilitating decision-making.

KPIs: Your Key To Trade Promotion Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your trade promotions with Bloom Trade Promotions X. Our solution provides real-time visibility into key performance indicators to help you optimize your promotions and drive growth.

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