Distribution Planning

Planning and Execution of Optimal Strategic Operations

Business Challenges

Companies must connect their strategic plans with their operations to achieve theirobjectives, considering critical components such as distribution networks, supply restrictions, shutdowns, and contextual variables affecting distribution operations. This alignment helps businesses to create realistic scenarios and make well-informed decisions, improving distribution performance and efficiency.

Businesses must prioritize operational optimization, concentrating on variables such as service quality, stock availability, waste management, and logistics-related costs. Companies can discover areas for improvement and proactively improve their overall distribution performance by leveraging modern analytics and optimization algorithms.

Companies seeking to accomplish their goals must emphasize connecting strategic planning with operational optimization. Businesses can make informed decisions and proactively optimize their distribution operations by considering strategic and operational considerations, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.

The Distribution Planning Solution

Bloom Distribution Planning allows businesses to examine their distribution requirements and create strategies for optimizing flow, resource allocation, and capacity planning. This practical tool assists firms in developing tactical strategies for stock availability, replenishment methods, and other operational aspects affecting distribution.

By using individualized distribution rules, businesses can ensure that they precisely tailor their plans to their specific wants and objectives. Bloom Distribution Planning also provides detailed multidimensional reports and relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), giving a comprehensive view of distribution operations. Businesses can use this to identify improvement opportunities and make informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics.

Bloom Distribution Planning also offers effective distribution plan administration, encompassing obligations such as shipping goods, calculating transit plans, and adhering to transportation constraints. Businesses can boost efficiency, save costs, and increase profitability by optimizing distribution procedures and improving resource allocation.


Management of extremely diverse constraints

Bloom Distribution Planning distinguishes itself with its ability to manage various limitations, including costs, capacity, orders, expiration dates, and minimum order quantities (MOQ). Its strong characteristics allow for precise constraint handling and optimal distribution processes.


Actionable strategies ensure brands can identify areas where forecasts may deviate from expectations and take corrective actions to mitigate risks. It helps businesses stay ahead of the competition and respond quickly to changes in demand.

Vertical and Horizontal Alignment

Businesses can ensure that everyone involved in the forecasting process has access to the same data and work together to reach company goals.

Key Features

Optimize stock availability with stocking policies (min/max levels, safety stock,coverage)

Improve KPIs (OTIF, inventory turnover)

Anticipate and alert proactively

Prioritize storage and procurement by market, family, or category (ABC)

Manage product lifecycle and substitutions

Plan for alternative scenarios and compare results

Comply with shelf life, and minimize wastage

Define shortage strategies by subsidiaries/markets

Strategic Alignment and Performance Enhancement with Bloom Distribution Planning

Bloom Distribution Planning provides strategic alignment by coordinating strategies with operational execution, resulting in increased performance. It allows the organization to meet its goals, such as service levels, total service cost, revenue, and margins.

Furthermore, it promotes proactive decision-making by anticipating challenges and making educated decisions to reduce risks and optimize outcomes.

KPIs - Unlock Company-Wide Collaboration With Distribution Planning

Exceed your limits! Achieve company-wide collaboration and supply chain alignment with Bloom Distribution Planning. Our solution provides real-time visualisation and into key performance indicators to help you analyze and optimize your strategic plans.

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