Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Achieving end-to-end extended supply chain alignment to ensure your company’s strategy execution

Business Challenges

With the complexity of the supply chain and the number of stakeholders involved, to achieve their selected business strategy, companies need a process to ensure there is alignment, both horizontal and vertical. The global strategy must also be closely monitored and compared with the actual performance and results. If any gaps are identified between the plan and reality, the company must take active and reactive responses to fill this gap.

FuturMaster's Bloom Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) offers efficient deployment of the end-to-end integrated supply chain strategy and consistency with the company’s sales objectives and financial targets. The S&OP also ensures alignment of high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operations and helps provide a common view of these plans across all departments (Sales, Marketing, Development, Manufacturing, Sourcing, and Financial). By enabling collaboration to balance Sales objectives and financial and operational constraints, S&OP helps bridge the gap between plan and reality.

The Sales & Operations Planning Solution

Bloom Sales & Operations Planning solution is part of the FuturMaster Bloom Platform. By relying on workflows, data visualisation, call-to-actions (CTAs), performance analytics, and machine learning algorithms, the Bloom S&OP enables the creation of a collaborative process and tools to synchronise to align all Sales functions of the organisation. It also promotes data consolidation and reporting at any required level of the company, i.e., short-term execution to long-term Planning.

Furthermore, risks are easily detected from the beginning, and decision-making is faster and more efficient. To promote visualisation and technical solution skills, the Bloom S&OP can simulate different scenarios that will assist in filling the gap between the plan and reality. After all, has been said and done, it also has the ability to help Review, Assess, Align and Update the strategic plans made.


Collaboration and Alignment

All good brands require collaboration and full alignment, and this can be brought about by an S&OP focused on uniting departments and pushing for shared and seamless Planning.

Risk Detection and Decision Driven

Risks, when overlooked, can have serious unwanted effects in the long run. The aim is to nip things in the bud and detect all risks. This is easy as it is decision driven and can easily point out and report a potential risk.

Streamlined Workflow for Collaborative Reviews

Sharing the process of evaluation or review offers insight into the contributions made and improves workflow further.

Analytics and Call-to-action

Utilising analytics tools to gauge plans and to have performance analysis can help shape future plans. Call-to-actions also create urgency and team participation.

Key Features

The digital twin of the supply chain to promote alignment

Effective workflows to support the collaborative process

Analytics to gain insights into the large volume of data

Strategic decision-making to ensure plans are executed seamlessly

Risk detection to protect brands from making mistakes

Simulation of scenarios to help fill the gaps between the plan and reality

Taking Strategic Planning to The Next Level with Bloom Sales & Operations Planning

Bloom Sales & Operations Planning offers many benefits and provides your company with useful tools that can, in turn, minimize total cost to serve, maximize the service level and revenue. This would be shown in the seamless strategic plan execution and  increased profit margin.

It can also improve inventory management and boost customer service experience, thereby promoting customer retention.

KPIs – Your Key To Strategic Execution of Sales and Operations

Exceed your limits! Achieve company-wide collaboration and supply chain alignment with Bloom Sales & Operations Planning. Our solution provides real-time visualisation and into key performance indicators to help you analyze and optimize your strategic plans.

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