Control Tower

Real-time Visibility for your Supply Chain Process and Efficient Decision Making

Business Challenges

In a volatile and uncertain world, companies face several challenges across the supply chain and it is important that they have real-time visibility of the end-to-end supply chain to improve the decision-making process. From risk management to cost control to increasing freight price and demand forecasting, the challenges are continuously evolving with time. The dilemma is- how do companies manage these challenges while making informed decisions?

The control tower, by combining people, process, data, organization and technology, allows you to get this visibility and make good decisions. Reflecting the company strategy, the control tower makes the supply chain process more efficient, customer-centric, sustainable, responsive, and agile. It brings insights such as real-time visibility on alerts and risks, focusing on what matters the most, Market signals alerts, Company strategy alignment, Coordination and Collaboration, simulations, prescription of adjustments / solutions and so much more.

The Control Tower Solution

The overall goal of any supply chain system is to help streamline company processes, reduce costs, collect data to make improvements and forecasts, and improve relationships with suppliers and customers.

Bloom Control Tower solution achieves this by covering key components of the supply management process, which are -Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return. Relying on data visualization, call for actions, analytics, and machine learning algorithms, the Bloom Control tower allows you to control the company's strategy and plan alignment, monitor demand and supply signals in real-time, detect issues, drive actions, simulate different scenarios and automate solutions. This ensures that everyone has visibility into every product or service as it moves along the production chain, maximizing delivery, improving customer experience and reducing supply chain costs.


Your Agile SCM Companion

The 21st-century business and customer demands a more agile and personalized supply management system that gives room for flexibility and productivity. Bloom Control Towers gives adequate room for flexibility but provides real-time visibility for faster decision-making and meeting customer expectations.

Cloud-based Technology for Safe and Secure Deliverables

Cloud-based solutions are the Future of supply chain management as they help companies adapt quickly to change using innovative technologies to modify and spot parameter change. Our Cloud-based system leaves to chance and nothing hidden.

Real-time Access and Traceability

With seamless integrations and detailed insight provided at every turn, you have real-time access to operate your supply chain end-to-end without errors and loopholes. The system is designed to easily trace issues and develop solutions in real-time.

Key Features

Digital twin of the supply chain

Call to action to drive the user on what matters the most (Alerts, KPIs, management by exception...)

Analytics to gain insights on the large volume of data

Machine learning to detect issues and sense the market signals

Ability for forecasting

Customized solutions for consumers

Seamless integration throughout the supply chain system

Data security and Cloud-base accessibility

Control Tower Benefits - Transform your SCM for better Efficiency

With the Bloom Control Tower, you have more to gain and nothing to lose.

With countless benefits such as real-time visibility on your extended supply chain, improved decision-making, an agile system with detailed analytics, the return on investment is bound to boost yoursupply chain efficiency.

KPIs - Monitoring Supply Chain Performance

On-Time Delivery
Inventory to sales ratio (ISR)
Purchasing Order Tracking
Carrying cost of inventory
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