Demand Sensing

Leveraging External Variables Influencing Sales by Automatically Determining Best-Fit Effects that Promote Business Growth.

Business Challenges

In today's fast-paced business environment, market volatility, and uncertainty are becoming increasingly common. To succeed in such an environment, businesses must be able to quickly and accurately respond to changes in customer demand patterns. Otherwise, the risk of overstocking or understocking inventory becomes a major issue impacting costs, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Demand Sensing should efficiently leverage data from various sources to predict customers' demand patterns, enabling businesses to align production schedules with actual market demands that facilitate demand-driven sales. It must also enable companies to optimize their inventory management by identifying the gap between consumer patterns and market trends, which helps companies determine optimal inventory levels, minimize stockouts, avoid excess inventory, and reduce carrying costs.

Demand Sensing should also drive supply chain efficiency by aligning production and inventory levels with actual demand. By identifying demand fluctuations and customer preferences automatically, companies can effectively tailor their operational strategies to improve profitability, reduce market volatility and drive customer satisfaction.

The Demand Sensing Solution

Futurmaster's Bloom Demand Sensing solution goes beyond traditional demand sensing approaches. It employs artificial intelligence and advanced analytics and takes into account a wide range of exogenous data sources, such as weather patterns, social media activity, and financial market trends, among others that impact consumer behavior.

By using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, Bloom Demand Sensing solution can automatically detect correlations between these exogenous factors, the sales volumes for each product, and sales location, allowing businesses to develop more accurate demand forecasts and make data-driven decisions about inventory planning, production scheduling, and supply chain management.

Moreover, the Bloom Demand Sensing ability to detect and analyze the impact of exogenous factors on consumer behavior can help businesses anticipate changes in demand patterns and respond more quickly to market shifts. The result is that businesses attain a significant competitive advantage, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and capture market opportunities.


AI-Backed Intelligent Algorithms

Utilizing AI-backed algorithms enables accurate predictions, faster data processing speed, and uncovering complex demand patterns.

Adaptation of Non-Linear Effects

Most times, the relationship between variables is not predictable and complex. Adopting these complex scenarios makes it easy to adjust strategies accordingly.

Multiple External Variables 

External variables, when overlooked, limit the reliability of demand forecasts. Analyzing these variables, such as weather conditions, social media sentiments, and financial trends, ensures a comprehensive understanding of demand drivers.

Detection of Correlation

Identifying meaningful correlations between multiple external variables drives better decision-making processes, enables better anticipation of demand fluctuations, and makes it easy to adjust operational strategies according to customer behavior.

Key Features

AI-backed advanced algorithms to extract valuable insights from consumer demand data

Detection of correlations to identify how external factors impact customer demand

Consideration of multiple external variables that affect customer behavior to understand their demand drivers

Adaptation of non-linear effects to gain more accurate and precise demand forecast

Automatic analytics to gain real-time insights into large volumes of data

Empowering Businesses with Accurate Insights into Customer Demands

Bloom Demand Sensing solutions offer several promising business outcomes, from improving the quality of forecasts to increased forecaster productivity and reduced volatility of demand signals that can help your company beat competition and drive higher sales. It also offers businesses accurate insights to navigate uncertainty in the market, mold sales strategy, meet customer demands and identity trends worth pursuing.

With accurate demand insights, Bloom Demand Sending solutions allows business to improve overall inventory efficiency and supply chain operations.

KPIs – Your Key to Enhance Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Exceed your limits! Achieve company-wide collaboration and supply chain alignment with Bloom Demand Sensing. Our solution provides real-time visualisation and into key performance indicators to help you analyze and optimize your strategic plans.

Product Performance
Inventory Turnover
Better Customer Service
Strong Market Position
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