Today's world is characterized by uncertainty and hyper-volatility.

Leveraging demand closer to the consumer and harnessing the wealth of new data that influences this demand reduce volatility.

While increasing safety stock might seem a viable strategy, it falls short when faced with rapidly changing consumer needs during lockdowns or unexpected disruptions. The key to true agility and resilience is harnessing the full potential of extended supply networks.

Our mission is clear: Unleash the complexity and turn it into competitive advantages for our clients. We develop technology that delves deep into supply chain challenges, enabling forecasting at scale indispensable to leverage demand closer to consumer and new influencing data. Our solutions enable a better understanding of the dynamics and complexity in a supply network and automate the creation of optimal supply plans, ensuring they resonate with a company's strategic goals by tapping into the extended supply network's potential.

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OUR Bloom Platform

FuturMaster Bloom platform enables companies to unleash the complexity inherent in their industry and
turn it into competitive advantages.

Bloom Demand Planning solution leverages advanced Forecast at Scale technology to incorporate large amounts of internal and external data for accurate and responsive demand plans. Benefit from advanced algorithms, event detection, data cleansing, exception management, personalized dashboards, collaboration, and scenario planning.

Bloom Sales and Budget Planning allows you to make live simulations and scenarios at scale and translate them into data and dashboards to plan the go-to-market strategy and observe its impacts. This  plan is then shared with all stakeholders and drives the business execution of operational processes.

Bloom Supply Planning solution unleashes the complexity inherent in your supply network and turns it into competitive advantages. By simulating a digital twin of the supply chain, it facilitates data-driven decisions. Advanced algorithms optimize operations globally, while the semantic network graph offers a holistic view and understanding of the network.

Achieve your business targets with FuturMaster Demand Shaping solution. Transform trade promotion management and drive sales by leveraging advanced ML and AI algorithms. Key features include AI-powered insights, cannibalization rate calculations, dynamic dashboarding, and scenario planning tools.

Discover our bloom platform
Company strategy
Translate into actionable choices materialised as data
Demand Planning
Demand Sensing
Business Plan
Resource Requirement Optimization
Resource Requirement Optimization
Supply network configuration optimization
Trade Promotion X
Demand Plan
Demand Planning
Sales & budget planNING
Supply Planning
external and operational data


FuturMaster optimises supply networks of significant complexity and scale. Our uniqueness lies in a combination of technology, data and business expertise.

We use technology to leverage complexity:
  • Forecast at scale
  • Manage and optimize promotion activities
  • Optimize the response of extended supply network
Data Driven
We translate into actionable choices, materialized as data:
  • Company’s strategy
  • Company’s business success criteria
Business Expertise

We identify decisions necessary to achieve our customers’ business objectives.
We build best fit solutions to improve and optimize these decisions.

Business Success
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Unleash agility, provide resilience and reduce total cost-to-serve

Our Customers

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More than 600 customers in more than 90 countries trust FuturMaster.


Discover the power of supply chain as a driver of competitive advantage with the Supply Chain Leaders' Best Practices white paper series by FuturMaster. Our white papers cover a wide range of topics, including integrated business planning, sales & operations planning, demand management, supply planning, and promotions. Join the growing number of industry leaders who have benefited from our expertise and download our white papers today.

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