Animal feed supplier Adisseo optimises supply chain with FuturMaster

June 19, 2020
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June 2020 – Adisseo, a global leader in nutritional additives for livestock and animal feed, has chosen a demand planning solution from FuturMaster as part of its ambitious growth plans and to improve service levels. The software will be deployed across three divisions from early 2021 to help over 120 users across five continents more accurately plan the supply of new nutritional additives and vitamins to reduce waste and the environmental impact of livestock production.

Adisseo, part of the BlueStar group, a major Chinese chemical manufacturer, supplies a wide range of innovative products and services to the animal food industry, employing 2,250 people and serving 3,900 clients throughout the world. It relies on two production centres (one in Europe and one in China) and 15 manufacturing plants across the globe to boost exports and generated sales of €1.44bn in 2019.

Over the last few years, following a series of acquisitions, Adisseo has seen the number of products expand to over 1,200 different lines, so the company needed a specialist demand planning tool to help everyone share information and collaborate together using the same software.

“With the sustained growth generated by our activities and a big increase in the number of our products, it became essential to improve the reliability of our forecasting,” said Pascal Hassoun, global supply chain director at Adisseo. “That requires improving our processes and putting in place a demand planning tool. We chose FuturMaster for its ease-of-use and as a cloud-based multi-lingual collaborative platform that’s capable of producing all sorts of different analytical reports.”

The software will allow everyone from sales to production collaborate on getting more accurate forecasts and producing exactly what’s required in order to improve service levels and minimise stock.

“There weren’t any formal forecasting processes imbedded in companies like Nutriad, which we acquired in 2018, so we needed to integrate everything for better reliability in the supply chain and look more closely at the individual needs of specific products,” said Hassoun.

Adisseo is setting its sights on further development and continued growth over the next few years by optimising and standardising its supply chain processes to make it easier to add more new products and entities in future.

“Focusing on the supply chain and improving service levels and demand forecasting is the key to us achieving our ambitious growth objectives as of 2022,” added Hassoun.

“By forging this partnership, we’ll try to help Adisseo achieve its long-term goals and drive more value from our Customer Success programme, which helps clients get the most out of any supply chain projects,” concluded Yacine Zeroual, general manager for southern Europe at FuturMaster.

About Adisseo

Adisseo is a global leader in nutritional additives for livestock and animal feed. The group has 10 R&D centres and production sites in Europe, the US and China to develop, produce and commercialise nutritional and sustainable solutions for animal feed. It employs over 2,250 people and serves 3,900 customers in over a hundred countries worldwide. In 2019, Adisseo recorded revenues of €1.44bn and is part of the €7.7bn National BlueStar Chinese chemical group that employs around 21,000 people.

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