Armor Choose FuturMaster To Drive The Supply Chain Of Their Dedicated Heat Transfer Products

December 4, 2014
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Concerned with their industrial performance within the heat transfer division, Armor choose FuturMaster to optimise the management of their supply chain.

A world leader in thermal transfer technology and the number one manufacturer of inkjet and laser technologies, Armor is an international industrial company with a turnover of €214 million and an objective for further growth. The company currently has nearly 2000 employees located in 24 subsidiaries and eight production facilities worldwide.

To ensure an improved forecast accuracy for the company’s Industrial Coding and Printing activity, Armor has chosen FuturMaster’s solutions to optimise the performance of their forecasting, production and distribution processes dedicated to their semi-finished and finished products.

Armor manufactures semi-finished products within their manufacturing unit in France which serves a range of finishing factories in every continent. Every market is different and requires logistical adaptation to each client with increased responsiveness and customisation.

In order to respond more efficiently to their clients and increase their ability to adapt to each market, Armor has chosen FuturMaster’s Demand Management, Production Planning and Distribution Planning solutions to optimise these processes. FuturMaster’s solution takes into account Armor’s co-product policies and inventory capacity, whilst considering all constraints within the company’s manufacturing process.

FuturMaster’s solutions were implemented in September 2014 for semi-finished products and will be implemented for finished products by the end of 2015. In Armor’s development strategy:

  • Demand Management will ensure the management of forecasts utilising reliable information generated by the departments involved in order to create the best possible forecast
  • Distribution Planning will manage the planning and coordination across all stages of the distribution chain
  • Production Planning will plan under the constraints and finite capacities of Armor’s production site close to Nantes enabling an efficient production plan to be produced.

“The fact that Armor has chosen FuturMaster gives credit to our strategy to invest in our industry dedicated advanced planning solutions. This success reflects the true value FuturMaster adds to our clients supply chain performance and FuturMaster’s ability to solve their business challenges” says Michel Ramis, FuturMaster Vice President Sales & Marketing.

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