Bearingpoint And FuturMaster Announce Their Strategic Partnership Agreement

January 28, 2016
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The digital era has arrived and companies absolutely need to make an in-depth transformation of their model and operation.

As a specialist in management and technologies consulting, BearingPoint helps public and private players to achieve their global transformation projects. That is from the conception of a functional strategy to the operational application and the implementation of the technological solutions. BearingPoint supply chain experts help their customers with their transformation, in particular by implementing an organisation and a planning procedure.

_”Our clients have a significant demand for an integrated assistance of process, targeted organisation and solution. What we offer is a reflection on the tool: we take a step back from the targeted process and organisation definition which enables us to offer a holistic vision of the transformation and to avoid the risk of reconsidering a part of the targeted process when the solution is chosen. With FuturMaster we share the same result-oriented culture, the same values and the same ambition. The partnership between our companies enables us to contemplate a long-term collaboration. For our clients this partnership represents a reinforced commitment from both companies.” _Explained BearingPoint associate Philippe Chaniot.

From FuturMaster – software publisher specialising in planning solutions – and BearingPoint’s point of view the challenge of this partnership is to offer a turnkey solution to their clients: appropriate software and a customised assistance thanks to a team of consultants who deal with the integration, the use and the reporting of FuturMaster solutions. This team of consultants also helps companies with the definition of their processes and in the change within their organisations.

_“For several years FuturMaster has developed a worldwide and rapid growth strategy driven by major accounts (T1 and T2). Our collaboration with BearingPoint is part of a customer winning approach. We want to give them a business case based on a high quality offering and on efficient consultant and integration teams”, _commented FuturMaster Vice President Sales and Marketing Michel Ramis.

FuturMaster also intends to rely on BearingPoint’s international network – which is present in over 70 countries around the world – in order to continue its global growth.


Initiated last September, the collaboration between both companies has already enabled the training of seven BearingPoint consultants. One of them was trained in China and works today on several FuturMaster projects as an integrator.

“We want to work with as many BearingPoint consultants as we can so that they are able to use our APS and carry both our companies’ value proposition to a majority of our clients and prospects”, concluded FuturMaster VP Consulting Worldwide Wilfrid Lemasson.

FuturMaster consultants have also had the opportunity to benefit from BearingPoint methodology and assistance methods deployed at the publisher’s clients for customised changes.


BearingPoint consultants are well aware that the economic environment is continuously changing and as a result becomes more complex. These evolutions call for bold and flexible solutions. Our clients in the public sector as well as in the private sector benefit from concrete results when they work with us. Thanks to our technological expertise and our proprietary solutions we ally sectorial and operational skills to adapt our services to each client’s specific challenges. This customised approach is the core of our culture and has enabled us to build relationships based on trust with the largest public and private companies. Our whole network represents 9700 associates who assist our clients in over 70 countries and commit with them to obtain measurable results and a long term success.

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