Cloetta Sweden Sweeten Their Demand Forecasting With FuturMaster 6.1

July 18, 2013
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Cloetta Sweden, a subsidiary of Cloetta, a leading confectionery company within Scandinavia, Finland, The Netherlands and Italy, have recently migrated from FuturMaster 5.0 to FuturMaster 6.1.

Following a training session held in Malmö, Sweden attended by the entire Scandinavian Demand Planning Team, the new upgrade will mean access to brand new FuturMaster functionalities, as well as a more effective forecasting process.

The new process will boost accuracy by allowing the forecast to accurately reflect the latest sales opportunities and vulnerabilities identified by the Key Account Managers. It will also enable the Demand Planning Team to successfully capture the assumptions and commentary that lie behind the numbers directly within the demand plan in FuturMaster.

Indeed, the streamlined process of FuturMaster 6.1 eliminates the need for the numerous spreadsheets and versions of the forecast and all the SKU volume data is automatically summarised and converted to provide top-down overview of the latest forecast by Country, Customer or Product Group in KG and Value.

_“With the FuturMaster 6.1 Upgrade, we not only have more opportunities to improve our forecast accuracy, but also can handle more information in our S&OP process”     _

Bengt Ekberg, Demand Manager, Cloetta Scandinavia

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