FuturMaster Launches the Network Insight Graph to Unlock Untapped Potential in Supply Networks

May 27, 2024
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FuturMaster, a pioneer in supply chain planning solutions, announces today the launch of its latest innovation, the Network Insight Graph. This technology redefines the standards of supply planning, enabling businesses to better visualize, understand, and exploit the possibilities of their supply network to enhance their agility and resilience in the face of disruptions.

Equipped with advanced visualization and exploration capabilities, the Network Insight Graph enhances FuturMaster's Bloom Supply Planning solution, offering an unprecedented understanding and utilization of the complexity of their supply network. Businesses can now access previously untapped opportunities, strengthening their adaptability and robustness.

The current climate of uncertainty for businesses, with its constant fluctuations in demand and supply, underscores the importance of an agile and resilient supply chain. Variations in customer orders, rising costs, shortages or delays in raw materials, as well as unforeseen disruptions, significantly impact the overall performance of businesses.

FuturMaster sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive approach to creating an agile and resilient supply chain with its Bloom Supply Planning suite. This solution incorporates key technologies such as multi-dimensional OLAP data modeling,digital twins, scenario management, and global optimization algorithms. The recent addition of the Network Insight Graph, with its powerful visualization and exploration capabilities, allows businesses to fully leverage the possibilities of their supply network, identifying the best strategies aligned with their strategic objectives and business priorities.

Gilles Lefebvre,Chief Product and R&D Officer at FuturMaster, states: “Following the introduction of ‘Forecast at Scale’ for demand planning, the Network Insight Graph complements our suite of advanced technologies, enhancing our ability to transform supply chain complexity into a tangible competitive advantage characterized by greater accuracy, responsiveness, and operational efficiency.”

To see the Network Insight Graph in action through concrete use cases and learn how it can transform your supply chain management, register for our live webinar on June 6th by clicking here.

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