FuturMaster Winner Of The 11th France-brazil Foreign Trade Award

December 21, 2017
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On November 9th, FuturMaster was recognized by the France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce (CCIFB) as the winner of the 11th France-Brazil Foreign Trade award. The award is a recognition of FuturMaster’s performance success since its entrance to the Brazilian market in 2015.

The award ceremony was held at Investe São Paulo headquarter. The event was attended by the French ambassador Michel Miraillet, as well as French and Brazilian entrepreneurs, representing companies such as Schneider Electric, Renault, Loggi, Hi Technologies and Dassault Systèmes.

The award honors French SME for making significant contribution to bilateral trade development with outstanding project implementations in Brazil, which significantly contributes to jobs generation and growth opportunities. The award’s evaluation criteria includes market approach, results of the structure in Brazil, and prospects and impacts of the activities abroad.

“With the support of our Brazilian partners, Coach IT and G2A, we are motivated at FuturMaster to further step up our business performance in Brazil. In order to strengthen our relationship with current and future clients, we will continue to deliver Advanced Planning solutions that suit the clients’ maturity stage and address their unique business challenges.” said Julien Connan, General Manager, FuturMaster Brazil.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Go-to-market Strategy

Quality of the business and/or industrial implementation strategy;

Innovations/improvements implemented in Brazil;

Specific means – in particular human resources – created for the go-to market strategy

Support to the consular network and its partners in France and in Brazil.

2. Achievements of the Organization in Brazil

Increase of the business volume, of market share and of activity in the Brazilian market;

Importance of Brazil’s turnover in the company’s overall turnover;

Impact of the Brazilian subsidiary business in terms of employment and earnings at the headquarter in France.

3. Vision and Impacts of Activities Abroad

Current progress of the projects

Development timeline and roadmap

Employment benefits in Brazil and in France;

Commitment to sustainable development.

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