Intersnack Optimises Its Snacks Sales Promotion With FuturMaster

May 24, 2016
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As part of the process of optimisation of its Supply Chain and the implementation of an S&OP process, Intersnack launched a call for tenders, the aim of which was to find answers to three distinct challenges:

1. Identify and implement a tool that would enable them to achieve a sharper demand forecast and a better understanding of product trends.

2. Improve the visibility of the production plants.

3. Increase the collaboration between sales, marketing and supply chain teams. The tool implemented will enable them to improve the management of their information flows related to sales promotion and should therefore enable them to optimise the sales operations management and improve each promotion performance.

“The FuturMaster Solution appeared to be the best performer amongst the tools consulted. We also chose it because one of FuturMaster’s assets is their undeniable experience when it comes to the food industry, hyper and supermarkets”, confided Mark Klingler, Intersnack CFO, in charge of Information Systems.

FuturMaster consultants supported Intersnack teams through the solutions deployment and setting. They also took care of the skills transfer necessary to the forecast monitoring and the optimal sales promotion management.

“The partnership agreement with Intersnack demonstrates our teams’ ability to understand our clients’ needs and to give them a customised and relevant answer”, commented Michel Ramis, FuturMaster Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing.

“The Supply Chain should be able to rely on a trustworthy demand forecast. As a part of the makeover of this process, it is important not to neglect the potential impact of events such as sales promotions on sales. All along this project FuturMaster’s role will be essentially to support Intersnack to sharpen its forecasts as much as possible and to optimise its Supply Chain management.”


Intersnack France is the main player on the snacks market and has more than 500 employees and 2 production plants in France. Intersnack intends to continue building on its strong position with leading local brands such as Vico, Curly, Monster Munch and Apérifruits. The company cultivates its local advantage and unites its collaborators around daily performance and key values: spirit of responsibility, a taste for entrepreneurship and common growth. Intersnack shows healthy long-term ambitions and strongly believes in one essential dimension: we can all make a difference.

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