Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals Elevate Demand Planning with FuturMaster's Bloom Solution

August 23, 2023
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Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals (VDF/FC), the global plant-based ingredients supplier headquartered in the United States, has declared their partnership with FuturMaster for the transformation of the group’s demand planning processes and tools. The Illinois-based sister companies, which carry 160 years of agricultural experience and over 50+ years of manufacturing expertise, will employ FuturMaster’s Bloom platform to augment their forecast accuracy and streamline their workflows and data management.

The collaboration with FuturMaster aims to enhance the S&OP process of VDF/FC, which was implemented in 2015. Despite initially serving its purpose, the continued year-on-year growth of VDF/FC necessitates the adoption of an advanced system for efficient management of long-term capacity and raw material planning. The incorporation of FuturMaster's Bloom Demand Planning solution is expected to empower the company to optimally serve their customers while enhancing inventory, cash flow, and asset utilization management, maximizing VDF/FC's efficiency, and limiting costs.

VDF/FC's Demand Manager, Joe Moskovich, discusses the move, “VDF/FC is very excited to partner with FuturMaster and looks forward to realizing the benefits the Bloom Demand Planning solution will bring to both customer service and operational efficiency. FuturMaster’s level of support and expert consultation throughout the delivery processis second to none.  We are eager to harness the benefits of their world-class tool.”

Among a shortlist of three vendors, VDF/FC chose FuturMaster's Bloom solution to address the significant limitations of their existing demand planning tool (Excel) and to support improved forecast accuracy, meeting customer delivery expectations in their anticipated period of continued growth. The scalability of FuturMaster's Bloom solution, its potential for expansion into other modules, such as Inventory Distribution and Production Planning, and its configuration capabilities greatly appealed to VDF/FC.

Matt Hughes, Sales Director of UK & Northern Europe at FuturMaster, comments: 'We are excited to partner with Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals.  The project has been a great success so far, with the project going live on time and on budget. We are looking forward to along-standing relationship and supporting VDF/FC on their continued growth and realizing their business objectives.'

FuturMaster is trusted by over 600 customers across 90 countries, delivering best-fit end-to-end supply chain planning solutions (demand, supply, sales & budgeting) that drive growth and optimized performance.

About Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals

Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals (VDF/FC) offers a variety of plant-based ingredientsfrom fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains for application in the food and beverage, nutritional supplement, and food service industries. Backed by 160years of agricultural experience and 50+ years of manufacturing expertise, they strive to be a go-to source for inspiration, innovation, and nutritious solutions that help bring products to life. The sister companies are headquartered in Momence, Illinois USA, and serve customers through their five production facilities throughout the Midwest, approximately 1,500 acres offarmland, main offices, and two global production locations.


FuturMaster is a leading software vendor specializing in advanced Supply Chain Planning and Trade Promotion Management & Optimization (TPx) solutions. With over 600 customers across diverse industries, FuturMaster assists companies in unlocking the power of their supply chain by "unleashing the complexity" inherent in their industry, turning it into competitive advantages. The Bloom platform, developed by FuturMaster, integrates technology, data, and business expertise to deliver best-fit solutions that drive growth, agility, resilience, and optimized performance.

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